Fortnite update 7.01, new weapons, modes and fixes

Fortnite update 7.01, new weapons, modes and fixes

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Fortnite update 7.01, new weapons, modes and fixes:

Epic Games warned him a few hours ago, and we have the new Fortnite update . This is patch 7.01, a minor update for Fortnite Battle Royale and Fortnite Save the World, the two game modes that has the title of Epic Games, and basically add content and correct some minor bugs.

Of course, the most dedicated players will enjoy a new damage system in the planesthat arrived last week and that needed a set-up. 

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One of the new content that comes to the game is the Infinity Blade, or Infinity Blade, a sword of mythical rank that inflicts a lot of damage, especially against structures. According to Epic, we can find it in Pico Polar, and it will be worth investing time to get it.

Another of the great novelties is Revenge of Ralphie , a rifle of slow cadence, but extremely precise that rewards the impacts in the head of the rival.

Fortnite update 7.01, new weapons, modes and fixes

Creative mode:

In addition to those two new weapons for Fortnite, in their respective modes, also comes the Creative Mode. It was announced a few days ago, but only as something available to users who had paid the Battle Pass.

Now, the Creative Mode of Fortnite will be available to all players on December 13th. It is in a way very similar to Minecraft in which the fights are over, since the tranquility and building at our leisure is the absolute protagonist.

All the news of the new update of Fortnite Battle Royale

In addition to reviewing the most important news, we are going with all the data on patch 7.01 of Fortnite .

Weapons and objects

  • Infinity sheet. This mythical melee weapon can be found in Polar Peak. The main shot hits a powerful cut. Inflicts a lot of damage to enemies and destroys structures in one hit (75 damage to players). 
  • The secondary shot allows the player to jump long distances and destroy objects along the way. When landing, it causes damage and pushes nearby players (25 damage).


  • Alatormenta X-4. Now passengers receive damage with the destruction of the Alatormenta.

Error correction

  • Fixed an error that caused players to keep running after being eliminated.
  • Fixed an error that caused players to be ejected from vehicles if they lost the effect of freezing their feet.

Save the world mode

As we said, there are also changes to Save the World, the mode for up to four players cooperatively in Fortnite. They are the following.

Missions and systems

Error correction

  • Anti-storm shield defenses no longer grant reduced primary rewards if the 80% health bonus goal is failed.

Weapons and objects

  • Revenge of Ralphie is back in the weekly store. Air rifle with low firing rate and good precision with huge bonuses for shot in the head. Do not forget to wear your eye protection always on! Available from December 13 to 01:00 CET until December 20 at 01:00 CET.

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