Kevin Hart Biography - Kevin Hart Filmography

Kevin Hart Biography – Kevin Hart Filmography


Kevin Hart Biography – Kevin Hart Filmography

  • Date of birth: 03 July 1980 (zodiac cancer)
  • Place of birth: Philadelphia, PA, USA
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter
  • Achievements: On account of his 90 works in the movies.



Kevin Hart was born July 3, 1980, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. American actor and comedian.

High school alumni name of George Washington. Studied at the University “temple” for two years.

After winning a few contests, he quit his job at a Shoe salesman and decided to try his hand at Comedy. Kevin starred in such projects as the “Forty-year-old virgin”, “soul plane”, “Paper Soldiers”, “scary movie 3 and 4” “along came Polly”, “meet the Fockers 2” and has become quite a popular actor. Check what is Kevin Hart Net worth 2018.

Kevin HART married Torrei HART in 2003. In March 2005, his daughter heaven Lee HART. When he was interviewed for the film “the Forty-year-old virgin”, half-jokingly said that I would not like to daughter “has become a stripper.” On 8 November 2007 was born a son, Hendrix HART.


In 2010, HART divorced his wife.

Around the prize, “Oscar” sparked a homophobic scandal

American actor and comedian Kevin Hart refused to perform the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar” in 2019 because of the scandal that erupted in social networks about his homophobic statements nine years ago.

About that HART shared in his Twitter. “I decided to refuse the offer to become the leading “Oscar” this year. Don’t want those talented people who will celebrate the night, somehow distracted by my personality. I sincerely apologize to the LGBT community for my disrespectful words spoken in the past,” wrote the actor.


Kevin also posted an Instagram video in which he told that he got a call from the Academy and ordered to apologize to the LGBT community if he wants to do the wedding.

“I decided to refuse the apology. The reason? Because I have done many times before, apologize. I’m not going to rake up the past, I care about now are completely different things,” added HART.

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The real growth of 158 centimeters.

Network official sources attribute the actor and comedian Kevin HART height 163 cm. The actor himself initially said that his height is 5 feet 4.5 inches (163, 8 cm), but then wanted to attribute to itself another half inch, but has been criticized, resulting in confessed that his real height 5 feet 2 inches, which translated into approximately 158 centimeters. Let’s check it.

To begin, consider a couple of photos, where we compare the growth of the actor with the growth of football player David Beckham (180 cm). These two photos are good that both celebrities in the same clothes and shoes (here is such a strange photo shoot), and so if the error is only due to posture. You can be sure that Kevin HART did not use growth-enhancing insoles because in one interview very sharply and negatively expressed my opinion about those who use them, and he also admitted that he likes to be short. Here’s a clipping from the interview:

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